Conference Program

epiSTEME-7 - Schedule
Day 1: 05 January, 2018 Friday
08:00 am-09:00 amRegistration
09:00 am-09:15 amWelcome: Centre Director, HBCSE and Convener
9:15 am-10:15 amKey Note Lecture: Dhruv Raina
Mathematics Research and Teaching: A Transcultural History of the Circulation of Mathematical Ideas between India and Europe
Chair: Parvin Sinclair
10:15 am-10:45 amTea
10:45 am-11:45 amReview Talk 1: Tina Overton
Problem Solving: Strategies, Solutions and Successes
Chair: Parvin Sinclair
Paper Session 1- 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
Strand 1(3 presentations)- Session Chair: Shubhangi Bhide
11:45 am-12:05 pmTeaching Feminist Appraisals of History, Philosophy, and Content of Science: Deepika Bansal
12:05 pm-12:25 pmThe Question of Value in Science Education: Abhijeet Bardapurkar
12:25 pm-12:45 pmChildren's Funds of Knowledge, and the Role of the School (Among Other Settings), in Developing 'Science-Related Capabilities': Sindhu Mathai
12:45 pm-01:45 pmLunch
Paper session 2- 01:45pm -02:45 pm
Strand 2 (3 presentations)- Session Chair: Jean Uwamahoro
01:45 pm-02:05 pmSouth African Science Teachers’ Views on Language Use in Science Teaching and Learning: Messages from Literature and Lessons from Classroom Observation: Audrey Msimanga
02:05 pm-02:25 pmAssessing Mathematical Modelling: Xenia-Rosemarie Reit
02:25 pm-02:45 pmMathematics Teachers’ Knowledge and Beliefs in Problem Solving: Shweta Naik
02:45 pm-03:15 pmTea Break
03:15 pm-04:15 pmReview Talk 2: Elizabeth de Freitas
Mathematics and material media: The role of sense and sensation in mathematical activity
Chair: Rohini Karandikar
4:30 pm-5:45 pmFree Time
6:00 pm-09:00 pmCultural program (Kathak Dance form) and dinner
Day 2: 06 January, 2018 Saturday
09:00 am-10:00 amReview Talk 3: Jyotsna Vijapurkar
An Empirical Approach to Curriculum Development
Chair: Aniket Sule
Paper Session 3-10:00 am- 11:20 am
Strand 3 (4 presentations)- Session Chair: Deepti Gupta
10:00 am-10:20 amExperiences and Learning from Participatory Action Research with a Local School
Narendra Deshmukh, Shubhangi Bhide, Vinod Sonawane, Sugra Chunawala and Jayashree Ramadas
10:20 am-10:40 amA Critical Evaluation of a Teacher Professional Development Model – A Case Study of a Physics Pre-Service Teacher
Yashwantrao Ramma and Ajeevsing Bholoa
10:40 am-11:00 amNegotiating Complexity while Writing Science Textbooks: A Case Study of a Discourse on Farming Methods
Rosemary Varkey
11:00 am-11:20 pmIn-Service Teacher Enhancement for Improved Science Curriculum Transaction: The Appalachian STS Project
Pradeep Dass
11:20 pm-11:50 amTea Break
Paper Session 4 – 11:50 am – 01:10 pm
Strand 4 (4 presentations)- Session Chair :Yashwantrao Ramma
11:50 am-12:10 pmAn Empirical Study to Evaluate Undergraduate Students' Understanding of Sterilization and Disinfection: Aakanksha Sawant, Swapnaja Patil, Deepti Gupta, Jyotsna Vijapurkar and Needa Bagban
12:10 pm-12:30 pmExploration of Students’ Understanding of Vector Addition and Subtraction: Usharani D and Meera B. N.
12:30 pm-12:50 pmAn Exploratory Study about Students’ Misconceptions in Chemistry: Ram Babu Pareek
12:50 pm-01:10 pmIndian K-12 Physics Education: The Role of Gender and Language: Himanshu Pandey and Vijay Singh
01:10 pm-02:10 pmLunch
02:10 pm-04:45 pmPoster Session ( Open area Near G-1G2 Main Building) & Tea
05:00 pm-6:00 pmReview Talk 4: Susan Singer
Catalyzing Advances in Undergraduate STEM Education
Chair: G.Nagarjuna
07:00 pm-10:00 pmBanquet Dinner (Jewel of Chembur, Chembur)
Day 3: 07 January, 2018 Sunday
09:00 am-10:00 amReview Talk 5: Arvind Kumar
Some Observations on Discipline-Based Educational Research in Science, with Particular Reference to India
Chair: Aaloka Kanhere
Paper Session 5: 10:00am-11:00am
Strand 3 (3 presentations)- Session Chair : Audrey Msminga
10:00 am-10:20 amA Novel Educational Approach Using Parental Occupation Linked Learning for Low Socioeconomic Status Children in India: Lakshya Pawan Shyam Kaura and William H. Marks
10:20am-10:40 amDid Mobile App-Supported Math Trails Increase Students’ Motivation?: Matthias Ludwig and Adi Nur Cahyono
10:40 am-11:00 amKnowledge Demands Placed on a Mathematics Teacher in Learning to Teach Responsively: Shikha Takker
11:00 am-11:30 amTea Break
Paper Session 6 - 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Strand 1 (3 presentations)- Session Chair : Matthias Ludwig
11:30 am-11:50 amMeasuring Practices, Cultural Contexts and Power Relations: A Study in Rural Bihar
Charu Gupta and Md. Jawaid Hussain
11:50 am-12:10 pm “The Soil is Alive!” – Exploring Emergence of Embodied Environmental Sensibilities in an Urban Farm
Deborah Dutta, Sanjay Chandrasekharan and Ankush Gupta
12:10 pm-12:30 pmChildren as Film Makers: Sachin Datt and Sugra Chunawala
12:30 pm-01:30 pmLunch
01:30 pm-02:30 pmReview talk 6: David Sokoloff
Interactive Lecture Demonstrations: An Effective Active Learning Strategy for Lecture
Chair: B.N. Meera
02:30 pm-03:45 pmHBCSE- Activities of Different Groups (Recreation room, first floor NIUS Bldg)
03:00 pm-04:00 pmTea Break
Paper Session 7- 04:00 pm - 05:20 pm
Strand 3 (4 presentations) - Session Chair : Ankush Gupta
04:00 pm – 04:20 pmAdditive Model of Language Policy and Hybridity: Glimpses from Numeracy Learning in Early Grades in a South African Province: Arindam Bose and Nosisi N. Feza
04:20 pm -04:40 pmMathematics Training And Talent Search Programme: A Report: Mohan R.
04:40 pm-05:00 pmAn Analysis of Question-Response Sequences in Students’ Spontaneous Talk: Gurinder Singh and Karen Haydock
05:00 pm-05:20 pmTeaching Fractions with Meaning: Moving Beyond the Part-whole Interpretation: Ruchi S. Kumar
05:45 pm-6:45 pmReview Talk 7: Deborah Ball
Teaching mathematics in ways that disrupt patterns of inequity predominant in classrooms
Chair: Shweta Naik
06:45 pm-10:00 pmVillage Haat & Dinner
Indian folk culture, exhibition and sale of artefacts
Day 4: 08 January, 2018 Monday
09:00 am-10:00 amReview Talk 8: Larry Bencze
Altruistic Uses of Socio-scientific Capital: A Pro-ecojustice Pedagogy
Chair: Aswathy Raveendran
Paper Session 8: 10:00 am-11:20 am
Strand 2, 1 (4 presentations)- Session Chair: Nosisi N. Feza
10:00 am-10:20 amScience for Children: Survey of Tamil Printed Books (1820 –1857): T.V Venkateswaran
10:20am-10:40 amAre We Ready for Technology in Classroom?: University Teachers’ Perspectives: Mahima Chhabra
10:40 am-11:00 amProbing 'Design Thinking' Through Simulation Tasks: A Novel Tool to Elicit Thinking Strategies and Principles in Grassroots Engineering Design: Geetanjali Date, Harshit Agrawal and Sanjay Chandrasekharan
11:00am-11:20 amHealth Literacy among Adolescents in a Marginalized Community in India: Himanshu Srivastava, Tuba Khan and Aswathy Raveendran
11:20 am-11:50 pmTea break
Paper Session 9: 11:50 am-12:50 pm
Strand 3, 4 – (3 presentations)- Session Chair :Sanjeev Ranganathan
11:50 am-12:10pm Probing Students’ Understanding of Quantum Mechanical Eigenstates at Tertiary Level
Mahima Chhabra and Ritwick Das
12:10pm-12:30pmHot Skills Analysis in State Board Higher Secondary Physics Examinations of India: Moheeta Khan and Mohd Abid Siddiqui
12:30 pm-12:50pmDifficulty, Discrimination, and Successive Discrimination Curve: Insights from Indian National Physics Olympiad Exam 2016: Praveen Pathak
12:50 pm-02:00 pmLunch
02:00 pm-03:30 pmPanel Discussion: Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (STME) Research: Meeting points at school, high school and undergraduate levels 
Panelists: Sanjay Chandrasekharan , Arunan M.C, Anwesh Mazumdar, B.N. Meera, Jayashree Ramadas
03:30 pm-05:00 pmClosing Session followed by Tea
Centre Director and Convener
08:00 pm-10:00 pmDinner