Poster Guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Presentation at epiSTEME-7:

Poster Location

Posters will be displayed in a separate are at the venue of the conference. Your poster will be identified by your paper ID. A card with your identifier will be posted on each display panel to indicate the location for your poster. Each presenter will be provided with a table and a seating facility. During the poster session, participants will come around in the poster area and interact in the poster presentations.

Size and Mounting

Panel boards for the display of your posters shall be provided. The size of each panel board is approximately 4 ft wide and 3 ft high. (landscape mode). These boards are made of PVC and fixed on a stand. Your poster will be mounted on one such board.

A photograph with the exact dimension and details can be viewed here.


The panel on the top has two sections each measuring (59 cm wide and 14 cm in height for Title) and two sections each measuring (59 cm wide and 85 cm in height as the Main area)- the dimensions are the inner dimensions excluding the frame.

Materials for Poster

The posters may be printed or drawn on any reasonably light material, including paper. These will have to be mounted on the panels using sticking tapes (double sided or single sided tapes, etc). Pins and thumbtacks cannot be used on these boards. We encourage you to bring along sticking materials you may need. Some mounting materials will also be made available in the poster area.


Each poster must have a title displayed at the top.


Names of author(s), their institution of affiliation and country with email ids of author/s must also be displayed.

Font Sizes

Title – 70-100 point

Author, Affiliation – 40-50 point

Heading – 50-70 point

Text – 30-35 point

Acknowledgements, References – 20 point


Please note that the font sizes are just indicative.

General tips

Effective posters –

  1. Invite attention
  2. Present a clear message
  3. Have a minimal amount of text
  4. Have self-explanatory tables and figures
  5. Organize materials coherently
  6. Maintain a logical sequence, requiring no further explanation
  7. Are based on evidence, thereby appealing to a critical audience
  8. Have large size of fonts in text, figures and tables, so as to be easily readable and visible from a distance (of say, 1200 mm or 4 feet)


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